Friday, April 20, 2012

HIGH gear

GYM. Meal. Work. Meal. Work. Meal. Work. Meal. Work. Meal. GYM. Meal. Sleep.

Repeat for another 50 days...then COMPETE!

You're SO jealous of my life right now aren't you?

It's really strange writing it out like that, but on the real, that's what every single day looks like for me at the moment, not to mention that I've been eating the same EXACT thing for the last 9 weeks and will continue to do so for another 7....BLAHHHHH!

Yes, it's been difficult and pretty frustrating at times--especially with my bodyweight not coming down as fast as I need it to. I've been waking up before the sun to bust my butt (literally) at the gym, hauling ass to work, coming home to scarf down dinner so I can head BACK to the gym for another 2 hours and then knocking out just to do the same thing 6 hours later...It's discouraging to step on the scale and not see progress. I look in the mirror on the daily basis and see changes, and I know that the judges will NEVER KNOW how much I weigh...they're scoring based on what they can see and only that...BUT weight is still an indicator of my progress and it's been taking way too long for me to drop those excess pounds.

So what now? Well, I step it up. I switch to running only (bye, bye stepmill!) and increase the sprint intervals. I cut down carbs and fats and add in a tad more protein. I leave myself to the mercy of my coach and just continue to push myself as hard as humanly possible to get the most out of every drop of sweat and every single second I'm hustling on that treadmill. I work--NON-STOP in the pursuit of my goal.

I've worked too hard to get to where I'm at now to let my foot off the pedal, even for a moment. I have to have tunnel vision and not let anyone or anything deter me from getting to where I want to be--standing on that stage looking my absolute BEST. Nothing less will do.

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