Thursday, March 22, 2012

it's the little things....

- walking into a wide-open gym and being able to move freely between each piece of equipment, bench, barbell, dumbbell and treadmill as I please...something I appreciate even MORE after having to resort to working out in the jungle (aka 24 Hr. Fitness) last weekend while visiting D's parents.

- changing it up and making my morning egg white-oatmeal muffins in a mini muffin tin this morning--let me tell you, those little bits of goodness were absolutely yummy and tasted even better with the knowledge that I had TEN to munch on!

- realizing that jeans that I bought 2 months ago are HUGE on me now--bummer because yesterday was my very first (and last) time wearing them, awesome because I was literally swimming in them--yay!!!

- staring down at my freshly painted bright pink nails as I type this ;)

- watching posing videos online, getting in contact and scheduling posing sessions with one of the QUEENS of the IFBB Sonia Gonzales, and preparing to order my first pair of Ellie's :)

- looking in the mirror and being so damn proud of how far I've come and knowing I'm only halfway through--wow...imagining how much better I'm going to be a month from now gets me so pumped!

...46 days until the End of Phase 1 :)

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