Friday, May 4, 2012


So I've come to this (long overdue) revelation about my training, my competition, my goals, my whole "fitness world" so-to-speak...It's MINE. Yep, that's right, it's ALL mine--it belongs to me, it's up to me, and at the end of each and every grueling day, it's FOR me. Once I snapped out of the "woe-is-me" funk I'd been in for the past few weeks, I realized that it's about time I took ownership of this whole damn thing and remember that I chose all this.

No one made me do it. No one had to tie me down and force-feed me clean foods or crack a whip and make me buy a gym membership and spend 2+ hours a day there....Nope, that was ALL ME. I wanted this. I wanted to be in the BEST shape of my life. I wanted to have a body I was proud of, that I could admire when I passed by a reflective surface. I wanted a body like all of those Fitness Models and Bikini Competitors I always envied, so I went out and worked for it. I put in the time, the effort, the energy, the sweat and I'm almost there..So tell me, what was with all that complaining? Geeeez, enough already!! Time to grin and bear it! Time to open your eyes and see that all that hard work is paying off big-time!! Time to STOP stressing it and START enjoying it!!

Once I exhaled and let go of all of that nervousness, insecurity, and anxiety I'd been holding on to all this time, it literally felt SO FREEING. I can stop obsessing over the scale and just focus on my training, let my body do it's thing and not "freak out" about how many days I have left until the proverbial "crunch time" approaches. I have to keep reminding myself over and over that I hired Kimbo for a reason--he trains the BEST and I want to be the BEST I can possibly be. Homeboy knows what he's doing and how to get me there, so I have to trust him completely. MY job is to eat my meals on time, train my booty off, and chill. Simple enough right? (Man, when I write it all out like that it makes me laugh at how crazy I've been over the past few weeks for worrying at all.) To be honest, I think the reason this all seems so much easier to me now is that I'm REALLY starting to see the changes in my body. Everything's leaning out and tightening up nicely...and the truth is, I'm STILL 5 weeks out and I don't want to PEAK too soon...In life, as in sports, you have to get HOT at just the right time ;) ...I've gotten to the point in my diet and training that feel like I'm in a "groove"...meals are like clockwork, training isn't such a chore (except on leg days because that shit KILLS!) and overall I feel like I can hold it down, whereas before I was so worried about messing something up that I was anxious ALL. THE. bueno.

So, I've flipped the "switch" and am finally totally dialed in to my training...I realized that if I can dedicate 16 weeks of my life training and sculpting my body, I can do ANYTHING. So I did something I never in a million years thought I'd be able to do...which I will hereby label a "surprise" and reveal in the coming weeks ;)

36 days to go...

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